Another explosive letter came to the Dutch company’s office

Dutch police on Thursday defused a letter with explosives that came to the Unisys office in Loesden, Utrecht provincial police said.

“Explosives technicians confirm that the letter contained explosives. The letter was deactivated and sent for examination. There may be a link to previous bomb letters”, –  police said on Twitter.

Amsterdam police have been investigating the incident. As a precautionary measure, firefighters and ambulances arrived on the scene after the letter was found.

On Wednesday morning, there was an explosion in the post office of a commercial building in Amsterdam. The explosives were embedded in the package. Around the same time, another explosion occurred in the city of Kerkada in the southeast of the country, and the package also exploded. No one was injured in the incidents, the police said. The Algemeen Dagblad newspaper, citing Amsterdam police, said the motive of the intruder who sent the parcel was extortion.

Last month it was reported that five Dutch firms in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht had received letters with bombs in a week, none of which exploded. In particular, the letters were delivered to a petrol station and hotel in Amsterdam, to a car dealership and petrol station in Rotterdam, and to a real estate agency in Utrecht.