A video of a conflict involving US soldiers in Syria

Earlier it was reported that a coalition led by the United States responded to shelling in the vicinity of the city of Kamyshly.

A video of the conflict between American soldiers and local residents in the vicinity of the city of Kamyshly in eastern Syria was published on February 12 by RT Arabic and Kurdistan24 and SANA.

Earlier it was reported that at a checkpoint near Kamyshly, a convoy of US military personnel came under fire from small arms. According to the representative of the international coalition, in order to defend themselves, the soldiers returned fire.

According to the Syrian and Turkish media, as a result of the incident between the US military and local residents, one person was killed. It was also reported that coalition military aircraft subsequently inflicted at least one airstrike.

The Kurdistan24 video recorded a withdrawal from the scene of the incident of an American column, which is thrown by stones by local residents. Also on the footage shows a plane, presumably, the US Air Force.


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