U.S. aviation strikes a village in Syria, media reported

U.S. aviation strikes a village in the province of Haseke in north-eastern Syria, reports on Wednesday the Syrian State Television.

U.S. aviation strikes a village in Syria, media reported

“American aviation strikes the village of Khirbat Amma east of Kamishli”, –  the Ikhbariya TV channel reported.

There are also reports of armed clashes between villagers and U.S. military personnel, during which, according to preliminary data, one U.S. soldier was killed.

According to the latest information, a U.S. military convoy left the village where the clashes took place.

Earlier it was reported that the U.S. military opened fire on a group of locals who blocked the path of the U.S. military convoy in the village of Khirbat-Ammu. The convoy of four armored vehicles was moving towards a Syrian army checkpoint. The clashes resulted in the death of one local resident.

The U.S. and its allies have been conducting a military operation against the terrorist group “Islamic State” in Syria and Iraq since 2014. Earlier, the U.S. had already announced the destruction of the “terrorist caliphate”, but announced its intention to stay in Syria in order to “prevent its revival”.