Trump now has a “his own” person in Kiev – sources of Zelensky’s personnel decisions are revealed

Kiev clearly demonstrates how much influence the American administration has on Ukraine.

The Washington Post commented on the appointment of Andriy Yermak to the post of Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, which was previously held by former lawyer Ihor Kolomoyskyy Andriy Bohdan.

The publication recalled that the latter’s ties with the scandalous oligarch in the past did not make the White House happy. Thus, the US president’s personal lawyer, Rudolf Giuliani, openly showed that Donald Trump was against Bohdan’s appointment. However, this is not the main reason, because the personality of Andrei Ermak, who last summer met with Giuliani, when Trump wanted to get dirt on Joe Biden, is much more remarkable here.

It’s noteworthy that Ermak’s name regularly appeared in the materials on Trump’s impeachment case. In his testimony to Congress, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sandland, claimed that he had explained to Ermak the connection between the delay in military aid and the Biden family corruption investigations. It was very important for Democrats. Yermak said he did not remember such a conversation, which strengthened Trump’s position.

It’s worth noting that the personnel reshuffle took place right after the Democratic Party of the USA failed the attempt to remove Donald Trump from the presidency. Moreover, US Prosecutor-General William Barr said that the Justice Department would check the information gathered by Donald Trump regarding the interference in Joe Biden’s Ukrainian politics and the illegal financing of Hillary Clinton’s election campaign via Ukraine.