Moldovan opposition starts a campaign to oust the president

Street protests and a candidate capable of “buying” people are the formula of pro-Western forces in Moldova.

Moldovan opposition starts a campaign to oust the president

Former Prime Minister of the Republic and head of the opposition party “Action and Solidarity” Maya Sandu has already stated that she is ready to provoke mass protests throughout the country in order to remove President Igor Dodon from office. She calls the rise in tariffs and food prices a reason for taking people to the streets. Sandu stresses that such tendencies generate discontent among Moldovans, and she intends to take advantage of this discontent during her election campaign.

“We have the highest prices and the lowest wages in the country”, –  said Sandu . – “We have already thought about [the possibility of protests], we have talked to people, we are involved in the campaign, we are quite ready for protests”.

At the same time, she did not rule out the nomination of a single representative from the pro-Western bloc ACUM, if such a representative would be able to fulfill the will of external sponsors of the opposition by defeating Igor Dodon in the presidential election.

“I’m not saying I’ll be the only candidate. If there is someone who is more likely to defeat Dodon, we will discuss it”, –  Sandu stressed.

As News Front reported earlier, Maya Sandu, who headed the government of the republic, triggered another political crisis for the country. She tried bypassing Parliament to give herself the right to nominate candidates for the post of Prosecutor General of Moldova. In fact, this would have given her control over the agency, which was not approved in the legislature. Given that Sandu adopted this decision under the responsibility of the Cabinet, the only thing left to Parliament was to declare a motion of no confidence in the Government.

The expert community believes that Sandu had deliberately provoked the dissolution of her own Cabinet, aware of her failure as Prime Minister.


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