In Europe, it is advised not to relax – the main horrors of Brexit are still ahead

The real consequences of the historic European schism will only appear in a few years.

In Europe, it is advised not to relax - the main horrors of Brexit are still ahead

This was told by Eric Albert, correspondent of the French edition of “Le Monde” in London.

According to him, the “series” with the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union will be watched for a very long time. However, the parties have yet to assess the consequences of this geopolitical split, which, according to Albert, will be possible in at least five years.

Thus, London and Brussels will soon face a new confrontation around a free trade agreement. The author of the publication draws attention to the fact that it is still unclear what changes regarding the EU rules Britain intends to seek. In particular, British elites have always been dissatisfied with European restrictions on leadership bonuses. In addition, there have always been many advocates of genetically modified products in Britain. If such items are brought up for discussion, the most optimistic forecasts of an agreement by the end of the year will collapse, says the journalist.

The situation is also getting worse because the relations between Britain and the EU will start to become more and more disputes. Thus, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already taken the initiative to return to the discussion of fishing quotas every year. At the same time, the City of London will always be the key financial center of Europe, which will only provoke new clashes.

However, in order to assess whether Brexit really was a “decisive turn” or Boris Johnson got off with a couple of symbolic victories, it will be possible about a decade later, because even after years of negotiations it remains unobvious.