Georgian opposition prepares for revolution – USA is demonstratively suspended

Spring in Georgia will be especially “hot”.

Georgian opposition prepares for revolution - USA is demonstratively suspended

Georgia’s pro-Western opposition forces have decided to work towards a united front to overthrow the current government. Having formed a kind of coalition, they are preparing a series of mass protests. At that, the decisive action is scheduled for April 4.

“The largest protest will begin on April 4 at 16:00 at [Rustaveli Avenue]. By that time we already plan to hold a series of protests, demonstrations and trips around the regions, and April 4 will be announced how the opposition will act in the elections”, –  said the head of the New Georgia Party, Giorgi Vashadze.

One of the leaders of the opposition party “European Georgia” Giga Bokeria, in turn, stressed that on April 4, the united opposition will show “how it will fight this political plague. Here the politician means Bidzina Ivanishvili and his now ruling party “Georgian Dream”. At that, the main slogan of the upcoming revolution will be exactly “Not a single vote for the Georgian Dream”.

At the same time, the opposition has reached a preliminary agreement on the nomination of single candidates in majoritarian districts in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Against the background of the opposition’s actions, the U.S. Embassy was also noted by the statement. Once again it hinted at the fact that the authorities of the country did not take harsh actions against pro-Western forces. However, the diplomats also stressed the importance of the dialogue, which demonstrates the impartiality of the State Department.

“The Embassy of the United States supports political dialogue between the ruling party of Georgia and the opposition. It should be aimed at reaching agreement on an electoral system that will better serve the people of the country”, –  the statement reads.

At the same time, it is official Tbilisi that is accused in the Embassy of torpedoing negotiations because of the verdict handed down to one of the opposition members, Giga Ugulava. The former capital mayor spent about $16 million from the state budget, for which he was sent to prison for 38 months.


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