Ukrainians in Poland look more and more like Russians in Ukraine

While Ukrainian nationalists are terrorizing the Russian-speaking population with impunity, a similar situation is unfolding in Poland, but already in relation to migrants from Ukraine.

So, a group of nationalists attacked foreigners in the Polish city of Torun. The incident took place on Sunday night in the old district. According to the police, there were seven attackers, while there were five victims, including one woman. Although the victims suffered life-threatening injuries, at least one of them had his skull fractured. During the attack, nationalists shouted “Poland for Poles” and “e.g. Ukrainians”. It is noteworthy that among the beaten Ukrainians there were only two. Along with them were citizens of Russia and Belarus. One of the victims complained about the passiveness of the people passing by, who did nothing to prevent the criminals.

Now local law enforcers have put out an APB on the wanted list. The police managed to get photos of the attackers. Their faces were recorded by a CCTV camera. Also, the police department is looking for witnesses to the attack, as well as people who could identify the perpetrators.

As previously reported by News Front, over the past year, the Polish authorities began refusing Ukrainians entry to the country more often. Thus, the number of refusals has approached a record 60 thousand, which is 25 percent more than a year earlier. It is important to note that Ukraine has a similar policy towards Russians, prohibiting many citizens of the neighboring country from crossing the border.


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