The U.S. Department of Justice has gone to check Giuliani’s information on the Ukraine

The United States Department of Justice is checking the information provided by President Giuliani’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani about the alleged involvement of former Vice-President Joe Biden’s family in corruption in Ukraine.

This is reported by “Voice of America” with reference to the U.S. Attorney General William Barr.

“The DOJ must keep its doors open for anyone who wants to provide us with information they think is important. But as I said, with all due respect, we have to be very careful with any information coming from Ukraine. There are many views and contradictions in Ukraine, so we cannot take everything on faith”,  –  the US Attorney General said.

Barr also said that the Justice Department works on the spot with partners from the US intelligence community to check the reliability of all the data.

“And this concerns all the information that the ministry receives regarding Ukraine, including what Mr. Giuliani can provide” , –  he said.

Earlier, The Daily Beast reported that a research group of the US TV channel conservative Fox News allegedly advised other employees not to trust several speakers who spoke on the air about Ukraine. Among them were The Hill’s columnist John Solomon and Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolf Giuliani.