Pentagon denies reports of U.S. troops starting to withdraw from Iraq

Earlier Ali al-Ghanimi, a member of the Defense and Security Committee of the Iraqi Parliament, said that the U.S. has begun withdrawing troops from Iraq.

The information that the United States had begun withdrawing its troops from 15 military bases in Iraq was untrue, Lieutenant Colonel Earl Browne, spokesman for U.S. Forces Central Command, told.

“These reports are false”, –  he said.

Ska News Arabia reported Monday that the U.S. has begun withdrawing its troops from 15 military bases in Iraq, citing a statement by Ali Al Ghanimi, a member of the Iraqi parliament’s Defense and Security Committee. According to the MP, the Americans will limit their presence to two large bases – near the city of Erbil in the north and Ain al-Assad Air Base.

On January 5, two days after the U.S. missile strike near Baghdad airport that killed Commander Al-Quds of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (elite units of the Iranian Armed Forces) Kassem Suleimani, the Iraqi parliament adopted a resolution demanding the complete withdrawal of all foreign troops from the country. The United States is still refusing to implement this decision of the Iraqi parliament, and American President Donald Trump has threatened Iraq with “unprecedented sanctions” in response to possible steps by Baghdad to withdraw United States forces from the republic.


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