NATO exercises have resulted in a resonant disappearance

A group of the Lithuanian military “disappeared” into the local forests.

This is reported by the broadcasting company “LRT”.

According to the media, the incident took place during the training maneuvers, which were a practical exam for the soldiers of the intelligence forces. The exercise was held from February 4 to 6, and during this time the command managed to “lose” five soldiers serving in a NATO unit.

According to the military representative of the Baltic Republic Laimis Bratikas, the soldiers had to be declared missing after they did not show up at the agreed place. At the same time, the decision to start the search only made the situation worse, as the missing soldiers were assigned the task “to remain unnoticed”. Unfortunately, they did not realize that the exercise had already ended, so they persistently fled the search team with the dogs and hid from the helicopter.

“The training of a scout has always been special, because they need to perform their task discreetly. In our situation, the soldiers followed this approach until the very end”, –  said Bratikas.

Earlier, News Front reported a more tragic incident during North Atlantic Alliance military maneuvers. For example, as part of the Swift Response exercise, one Canadian soldier died and three Americans ended up in hospital with fractured limbs.


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