In Beirut, 18 people were injured during protests

At least 18 people were hospitalized as a result of clashes between demonstrators and security forces in the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday, while another 140 people received medical treatment on site, the Lebanese Red Cross said.

Demonstrators protest the appointment of a new government headed by Hassan Diyab. Earlier Tuesday morning, Speaker Nabih Berri opened a session during which a vote of confidence in the new cabinet should be taken, the NNA agency reported.

The agency said the protesters have also blocked the road leading to the Ring Bridge in downtown Beirut and are gathering near al-Hamra Street, where additional army units have been pulled. Security officials have urged the protesters to ensure that the protests are peaceful.

The serious economic crisis has triggered massive protests in Lebanon, during which protesters have been demanding the resignation of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s government and the formation of a government of technocrats not previously found guilty of corruption.
On January 22, Lebanese President Michel Aoun approved a new cabinet of 20 technocrat ministers led by Prime Minister Hassan Diyab, but popular movements and some major political parties did not support the new ministerial composition, saying it was as politicized as the previous one and could not lead the country out of crisis.

Clashes occurred outside the Al-Nahar bureau in downtown Beirut, according to LBCI. Security forces used tear gas and water cannons after protesters attempted to break through to the government compound.