Almost like in Russia – Trump is desperately bluffing about American military achievements

If it was not Obama, the leader of the arms race could have been the United States.

This recognition was made by American President Donald Trump in his address to state governors.

According to him, the Pentagon now allegedly has missiles at its disposal, similar to those created by Russia. Trump calls American counterparts “super-fast,” clearly avoiding the term “hypersonic.

“We have a lot of super-fast missiles. That’s what we call them – super-fast missiles. Their speed is four, five, six or even seven times that of conventional missiles”, –  says the White House head.

Trump stressed that the U.S. Armed Forces need such ammunition, because “Russia already has something similar. At the same time, he is sure that the Russian military-industrial complex helped the Barack Obama administration to make a breakthrough. Trump argues that it was the American developments of his predecessor that formed the basis of the Russian hypersonic missile systems.

“I can tell you how they learned. They probably learned from the Obama administration`s plans”, –  the president said, complaining that the United States was not interested in new missile projects at the time. Now not only Russia, but also China is developing supersonic ammunition, he said.

As News Front previously reported, at the end of last year, the first regiment of the missile system “Avangard”, equipped with hypersonic planned cruise warhead, went on combat duty. Against this background, Daryl Kimball, executive director of the U.S. Arms Control Association, began calling on Washington to urgently start negotiations with Moscow “on the regulation of new types of weapons”.

At the same time, John Heithen, Deputy Chief of Staff of the U.S. Armed Forces, admitted in January that the creation of its own supersonic weapons had become a problem for the United States. All attempts to force the development failed, despite the fact that the Pentagon understands a serious gap with Russia in this direction.


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