A Russian nuclear power plant could be built in Sri Lanka

The idea of Russia’s construction of a nuclear power plant in Sri Lanka may be the subject of discussion, and in the long term its implementation may be possible given the significant increase in energy consumption in the country, said Russian Ambassador to Sri Lanka Yuri Materyi.

“The Sri Lankan authorities are supporters of clean energy. The main goal of the state is a gentle transition from existing “dirty” (coal, oil) energy sources to “clean” (gas, alternative sources). The issue of the use of the atom is very promising in this regard. Work in this direction has already begun”, – told Materyi.

According to the Ambassador, in 2017, for the first time Rosatom and the relevant Lankan agencies held consultations on the draft interstate agreement on cooperation in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy proposed by the Russian side. Work in this area is underway, he added.

“The nuclear power plant is the final result of interstate cooperation on the use of peaceful atom. Given the interest and progressive economic development in Sri Lanka, there has been a significant increase in energy consumption. In this regard, the idea of building a nuclear power plant may well be the subject of discussion and its implementation is possible in the long term”, –  said the diplomat.


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