U.S. sanctions on North Stream 2 will be useless in two months

American energy ambitions are at risk again.

Last year, the U.S. Congress dragged the sanctions against the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline along with the military budget for 2020. This desperate step was made in the final stage of pipe laying. As punitive measures were directed against the companies involved in the construction, the pipe-laying vessel Allseas, a Swiss company, stopped participating in the project when only 160 kilometers of pipeline had to be laid.

Now the Russian pipelayer Akademik Chersky may take part in the case. It was it that Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak called an alternative option for completion of Nord Stream-2 at the end of last year. At that he noted that the vessel should be prepared.

Now, according to Vesselfinder, Academician Chersky went out to sea from the port of Nakhodka in the Far East and went to Singapore, where he will arrive on February 22. At the moment it is not known what course the ship will take in the future, but it is through Singapore, the Suez Canal and Gibraltar the way from the Pacific to the Atlantic and then to the Baltic Sea.

Approximately, the route of Academician Chersky to the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline construction site will take about two months.


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