The head of the Munich conference called not to “choke” Nord Stream 2

Wolfgang Ischinger stressed that billions have already been invested in this project.

To stop the Nord Stream 2 project would be wrong from both an economic and political point of view.

This was announced by the head of the Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger at a press conference in Berlin on Monday.

“Regardless of the question whether Nord Stream 2 should be considered a good, bad or even harmful project, but it is wrong now to take and strangle a project in which billions have already been invested”, – he said. Ischinger compared the situation around “Nord Stream – 2” with the marathon distance, when a man ran 41 km, and then for a lap at the stadium they say he does not need to finish it.

“I think it’s not only economically pointless to stop it now, but it’s also politically wrong to artificially stop it”, –  Ischinger said.


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