Historical victory of the Syrian army: the fate of the last stronghold of the militants is foretold

SAA units met in southern Aleppo, closing two fronts.

This is reported by the Syrian state news agency “SANA,” referring to the command of the government forces of the country.

According to the data provided, units of the Syrian Arab army liberated from jihadists an area of more than six hundred square kilometers in the governorates of Idlib and Aleppo and occupied “dozens of settlements in the region.

“An advance Syrian Arab Army force advancing from the eastern part of Idlib province met with troops advancing from southwestern Aleppo”, –  it said.

Troops met in the Tel Issa area of southern Aleppo on the strategically important M-5 highway, it said. This very highway is the goal of government troops. Having fulfilled the tasks within the framework of a large-scale offensive operation, they will soon be able to gain control over the entire highway.

As you know, terrorist groups have been controlling the section of the M-5 highway from the city of Hama to Aleppo since 2014. The situation has forced all transport to move around, increasing the length of the route by 175 kilometres. If government troops can take control of the highway, they can actually ensure the defeat of the last stronghold of militants.

As News Front previously reported, the United States was extremely disappointed with the Syrian army’s success in fighting terrorists. Thus, the U.S. special representative has already criticized the defeat of the militants, blamed Russia and demanded that it change its policy in the region.


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