Evo Morales went from Argentina to Cuba

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales left on Monday from Argentina, where he leads the presidential campaign of the Movement for Socialism, to Cuba, Infobae reported citing unnamed sources.

Evo Morales went from Argentina to Cuba

According to the portal, the trip was held in strict confidence. It is still unclear whether he went to Havana to continue his treatment or as part of negotiations on foreign debt. However, according to the portal, citing unnamed sources, on Sunday Morales called the President of Argentina Alberto Fernández and informed him of his departure to Cuba for medical purposes.

According to the newspaper Clarin, President Fernandez of Argentina confirmed the information that Morales went to Cuba for treatment.

“Evo is a political refugee, so he has a number of rights and can exercise them. I was told he’s in Cuba, he’s treating something… Nothing prevents him from going to Cuba as a political refugee”, – Fernandez said on Continental. At the same time, he said that they talked a few days ago. Fernandez did not specify exactly what health problems the former president of Bolivia has.

In March 2017, Morales was undergoing treatment in Havana. After a medical examination, he underwent surgery to remove a tumor on his vocal chords. Since then, he has been treated every three months in the Cuban capital.

After the opposition, led by Carlos Mesa, claimed massive irregularities in the elections of 20 October 2019, Morales resigned as president and left the country under pressure from the military. He was followed by the resignation of the entire Bolivian leadership and the transfer of power to the opposition Vice-Speaker of the Senate, Jeanine Agnès. The authorities announced the holding of new presidential elections. Morales was not allowed to run as a candidate, he was leading from Argentina the presidential campaign of his Movement for Socialism. The date for the general election was set by the Bolivian Supreme Electoral Court on May 3.


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