DPR reported 50 truce violations by the security forces in one week

Ukrainian security forces violated the ceasefire in Donbas 50 times last week, a representative of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic told journalists on Monday at the Joint Centre for Ceasefire Control and Coordination (JCCC).

Earlier, the agency reported that 53 violations of the ceasefire regime by Ukrainian law enforcers were recorded from 27 January to 3 February.

“Between 3 and 9 February, 50 violations of the ceasefire by the armed groups of Ukraine were recorded. A total of 65 mines of 120 and 82 millimetres calibre were fired through the territory of the Republic. Eight residential buildings and four infrastructure facilities were damaged”, –  said a representative of the DPR at the JCCC.
In April 2014, the Ukrainian authorities launched a military operation against the self-declared People’s Republic of China and the DPR, which declared independence after the state revolution in Ukraine in February 2014. According to the latest UN data, about 13,000 people fell victim to the conflict.
The issue of resolving the situation in Donbass is being discussed, including during meetings of the contact group in Minsk, which has already adopted three documents regulating steps to de-escalate the conflict since September 2014. However, even after the ceasefire agreements between the parties to the conflict, shootings continue.


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