Trump is preparing a big vendetta: Impeachment instigators pave the way to prison

Congress is awaiting specific names in a report by the federal prosecutor.

This statement was made by the parliamentary organizer of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives, Stephen Skalis on the Fox News television channel.

According to him, everyone who participated in the campaign against Donald Trump and abused for the sake of his removal of powers should go to jail. At the same time, Skalis emphasizes that it is not only about the instigators of impeachment, but also those who participated in the scandalous case of “Russian intervention”.

Speaking about the statement by the US president on Thursday, the congressman drew attention to the fact that Trump “pointed to certain dishonest personalities, in particular, dirty policemen.” Here, Skalis was referring to US federal law enforcement officials.

He also stressed that he was waiting for the Connecticut federal attorney John Durham to submit his report in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Justice regarding verification of the sources of RussiaGate.

“People have to answer,” said Skalis. “They are exceeding their authority to virtually eliminate the US presidential candidate.” These people have a place behind bars. ”

As News Front previously reported, US senators did not support the indictment under the impeachment procedure of Donald Trump. In particular, only 48 out of 100 senators voted to accuse the president of abuse of power. At the same time, only 47 members of the upper house of the US Congress were ready to accuse of obstructing the work of the Congress of the President.


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