“Russian aggression” found outside the Earth

NATO has announced a great space threat – Russia is again to blame.

The corresponding statement was made by the commander of the United Armed Forces of the North Atlantic Alliance for Transformation, General Andre Lanata, in an interview with the American publication Washington Examiner.

The general complained that Western countries are now afraid to go into space, because they do not feel safe there because of “Russian aggression.” In particular, he pointed out the problem of the presence of satellites of Russia and China in near-Earth orbit. According to Lanata, the devices cause inconvenience to the West.

Of particular concern to NATO is the recently launched Russian satellite inspector, who is now allegedly pursuing an American intelligence apparatus. Experts from the United States could not establish what exactly the Russian satellite was doing, nor could they sabotage its work. At the same time, they argue that in this way Russia, together with China, can undermine the American communication and geolocation systems.

“Until now, outer space was considered safe, but the situation has changed,” the general complained.

He also stressed that the North Atlantic Alliance currently does not have space military facilities, therefore NATO member countries have to personally solve their problems outside the Earth.


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