“It’s still in my head” – an American soldier told whom he was killing in the name of “democracy”

Even Hitler Germany did not commit such atrocities as a democratic USA.

This recognition was made by a former soldier of the US Armed Forces Brandon Bryant. His words are quoted by The Independent.

While in the service, he controlled the MQ-1 Predator unmanned aerial vehicles, participating in raids in Afghanistan. Using these machines, Bryant said, the US military created horrors “worse than the Nazis.”

According to him, the base from which the drones were controlled was located in Nevada near Las Vegas. Remembering his work there, a former soldier told me how he saw a child on the monitor. The kid left the building on which Bryant had just hit a Hellfire rocket. He informed the senior management of this, but there, after viewing the frames, they said: “This is a damn dog, shoot.”

That incident forced Bryant to leave the army and launch a campaign against the use of drones in armed conflicts. However, prior to this decision, Bryant was directly involved in the killing of thirteen people. At the same time, the total number of targets for which his squadron launched air strikes exceeds 1.6 thousand. Among them were even women and children.

After one of these raids, Bryant looked at the thermal imager screen and saw how the body of a bleeding person was getting colder.

“It’s still in my head. Every time I think about what happened, I feel pain. Having pulled the trigger, I realized that I was doing wrong. Having pulled the trigger, I realized in my soul that I had become a killer, ”the former military admitted.


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