“Tolerance in Europe”: frequent attacks on Asians in Vienna for fear of the virus

Despite the fact that the Chinese Wuhan, where the original infection Coronavirus, is located 8 thousand kilometers from Austria, in Vienna are afraid of Asians.

In Vienna, a married couple from Taiwan, whose daughter is the editor of the state radio station “Oe3”, were attacked while travelling on public transport.

First one passenger started insulting the couple and then, when the subway stopped at the station, he hit an 80-year-old Taiwanese man, pushing him out of the car.

Also in Vienna, a Chinese woman was attacked at a supermarket.

As a result of these attacks, warnings began to spread in the Chinese community that caution should be exercised in public.

The fear of coronaviruses is also reflected in the Chinese restaurant business in Austria.

“Currently, we have restaurants whose losses are up to 50 percent,” Tsu Maoz, president of the Chinese Businessmen’s Association in Vienna, told the Oesen newspaper.

The Chinese community fears that if the first coronavirus infection in Austria is confirmed, the number of visitors to Chinese restaurants could drop by 90 percent.

Tsu says Chinese restaurant owners and employees are facing questions about where they buy food, he notes that Chinese restaurants buy up to 90 per cent of the food in Austria and the rest is mostly from India, Vietnam or Laos, and that little ordered from China goes a long way, 45 days, during which time no virus can survive.


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