The US will test a new intensive Americanization project on Georgians

Tbilisi is creating another center of influence in Washington.

The US will test a new intensive Americanization project on Georgians

Already in the coming spring in the Georgian capital will be opening of the non-governmental organization “American Cultural Center”, which in the interests of the United States will distribute information favorable to Washington.

Among the founders of the NGO were Zviad Pochkhua, the chief editor of the Georgian English-language newspaper The Financial, his colleague from the Internet publication Metronome Eugene Dzhokhidze, and Michael Kauigill, chairman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Georgia.

The key objective of the Center will be to disseminate the pro-American agenda, promote American culture and traditions, and popularize the United States. In particular, the NGO will talk about Washington’s support for Georgia. In doing so, the centre will be funded through foundations.

Zviad Pochkhua assured that the center is exactly what the citizens of the country need now.

“In times of misinformation and propaganda the Georgian society needs a reliable source of information about what interests of the USA are and about American values,” said one of the project curators.

At that, Michael Cowigill says the U.S. center plays a decisive role in Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

Earlier News Front reported that the American administration was extremely disappointed with the situation in Tbilisi. At the time, Washington demanded that the Georgian authorities clearly follow the “democratic course”, implying that no power attacks against the Western-controlled opposition are acceptable. It even went as far as threatening with sanctions.


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