NATO says China should participate in arms control

The time has come for China to join the arms control system with the United States and Russia, said NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Joane on Friday.

“China already has hundreds of missiles that would be banned by the INF Treaty, and recently China has demonstrated a modern nuclear intercontinental missile capable of reaching the US and Europe. China does not violate any arms control treaties because it is not a party to them… We believe that it’s time for China to take part in arms control with the United States and Russia”, – he said, speaking at a discussion platform in Washington.

At the same time, he admitted that this is unlikely to happen “today or tomorrow”.

Last year, the United States withdrew from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF Treaty).

The Strategic Offensive Arms Reduction Treaty (START-3), signed in 2010, remains the only current arms limitation treaty between Russia and the United States. The agreement expires in February 2021, and until the American administration has announced whether Washington intends to extend it.

Earlier, the US Presidential Advisor on National Security John Bolton said START-3 is unlikely to be extended because it has flaws. Russia, in turn, has repeatedly stated that it is ready to discuss this. US President Donald Trump announced his desire to work out a new tripartite nuclear agreement between Russia, China and the United States. In Beijing, however, this idea was rejected.