Donald Trump suddenly supported Republics of Donbass

Washington proved to be not such a reliable partner for Ukraine.

The Ukrainian occupation troops in Donbass could have used new weapons supplied directly from the USA against local residents long ago, but the American administration seriously framed the Kiev authorities. Taking into account the continuous aggression of Ukrainian chasteners, Washington rendered an unexpected service to the people’s republics of Donbass.

According to the BuzzFeed, the scandal of the $391 million military aid to Ukraine is not the only such case. Thus, several deliveries under direct commercial agreements between Ukraine and American companies were detained “under mysterious circumstances”.

According to the mass media, these are at least six Ukrainian orders of arms and ammunition that the Trump administration is artificially detaining. It is noteworthy that Kiev has already paid 30m dollars under these contracts.

Former Washington officials familiar with the situation told journalists that the State Department usually approves such contracts within a couple of months. But in case of Ukraine, five deliveries from US military corporations are delayed for a year and another one for more than a year. According to the sources, the White House did not manage to provide explanations on this situation. The State Department also assured that the contracts were under consideration.

“Perhaps, Ukraine should become wiser and start looking for more reliable suppliers of arms and ammunition”, –  one of the sources told journalists.

The publication also contacted some Ukrainian officials who suggested that the situation might be related to China’s attempt to buy the Motor Sich aircraft building company from Kiev.


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