Bundestag says the US is indifferent to Ukraine

The threats of the USA to impose new sanctions on the Nord Stream-2 project must meet a decisive response from Germany and Europe, all Washington’s argument about protecting Ukrainian interests, apparently, is not related to the true goals of the Americans, the Head of the Bundestag committee in economics and energy Klaus Ernst told the reporters.

Earlier, the German newspaper Handelsblatt reported with reference to diplomatic circles in Washington that the United States could impose new sanctions against the Nord Stream-2 project if Russia tried to complete the construction of the pipeline. New sanctions may be adopted already in February or March, their goal may be investors or companies that will receive Russian gas from the pipeline.

“The actions of the Americans have reached a level where it is unbearable. We must counteract this with all the ensuing consequences. We are not the US state, Europe is not one either. We are a sovereign country that independently determines its policy, including energy. The United States cast doubt on this sovereignty. We must respond appropriately to the latest threats and sanctions already imposed”, – Ernst said.

According to the Head of the committee, the German government “should work in this direction at the European level”. He emphasized that “it cannot be that we always have inefficient negotiations, while the Americans do with us what they want, this should end”.

“Last but not least, the actions of the Americans against Nord Stream-2 show that the issue of energy supply to Ukraine was an excuse. The USA does not care about Ukraine, it is clearly about its own economic interests. Russia and Ukraine agreed on gas transit, but the discharge effect is not that the US wants to supply its gas to Europe, so they are trying to ruin trade relations successful for Germany and Russia”, – the Head of the Bundestag committee added.

“I still see the federal government’s interest in supporting the Nord Stream-2. However, it is noticeable that there is also pessimism and helplessness. The USA is a big market, the economic interdependencies are very strong. Many see the USA as a partner, not a competitor who ruthlessly defends his interests. To this I will answer: Europe is also economically strong. If we do not want the US to dominate us, we must effectively defend ourselves from US practice”, – Ernst said.


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