There is another protest against pension reform in Paris

A large-scale protest action against the pension reform project, which has already been submitted to the French parliament, began in Paris on Thursday.

Thursday is announced as another day of the strike, which is attended by different categories of people. The rally is traditionally organized by major French trade unions.

The manifestation started from the Eastern Station in the 10th district of the French capital. The participants of the rally will walk along Mazhanta Boulevard through Republic Square, the rally will end on Nation Square.
At the beginning of the column are students of different universities.

“In what language it is still necessary to say: no – pension reform?” says the inscription on one of the stretch marks, where the word “no” is also translated into Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and other languages.

However, the bill, which envisages the transition to a universal pension system and the abolition of certain privileges for certain categories of workers and has triggered a massive wave of protests across the country, has already been submitted to a special commission of the French National Assembly (lower house of parliament). About 22 thousand amendments have been made to the document, most of them – 19 thousand – by the opposition party “Unconquerable France”, whose leader is Jean-Luc Melanchon.
Protests are also held on Thursday in other French cities, including Marseille, Bordeaux and Nice.


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