The U.S. insulted Bulgaria with ostentatious interference in its internal affairs

The U.S. has repeatedly shown the world that it can juggle words and concepts, tear up international treaties, impose sanctions on anyone who disobeys, and even kill.
If that’s what they want.

It’s only and exclusively in their own interest. They are always ready to cynically justify all their actions.

For the U.S., the word “allies” denotes a certain third of the countries, participants, screws, in their global strategy against Russia.

An ally, in the understanding of the U.S. should not appear strongly, have its own point of view, position and foreign policy, but only perform what is necessary for the interests of the United States.

The U.S. does not like it when one of its allies talks openly about its desire to develop its relations with Russia. This is punished at once, and for each ally country the punishment is different (but there is one metric).

In the case of Bulgaria, which today is a member of the EU and NATO, and must observe as all members of a certain Euro-Atlantic discipline, it is not so easy.

No matter how diligent Western structures, NGOs, departments and experts on public opinion management and all sorts of black political technologists may be, if they manage to pull the country’s political elite up and dictate sometimes even openly what decisions will be made by Bulgaria, they fail with the Bulgarian people.

Although, their efforts in the media are not without reason, and already in Russia there is a certain stable image and a sticking brand “what kind of brothers they are traitors”. The Bulgarian people always fight for their honor and name and do not hide their warm feelings towards their Liberator Russia. That is why Bulgarian authorities and institutions are very often involved.

One of the recent and bright examples was the spy scandal with accusation of espionage in favor of Russia and the state change which was presented by heads of the largest organization “Russophila” which for tens years spends such national diplomacy, and the activity strengthens the Russian-Bulgarian communications in the spiritual and cultural plan.

Annually the meeting of Russophiles is not only a holiday of Russian-Bulgarian friendship, but also collects tens thousand friends of Russia, Russophiles. And it is a spiritual event every year under the close attention of American officials, who are watching with great dissatisfaction.

The only thing that it was possible to do, to underestimate a role of action and quantity of participants – each year, on the average 10 20 000 people gather, in controllable smy, figures are submitted much lower.

But apparently all this seemed flawed to the American “partners” and they started sewing the script with several story lines.

In the first part of the scandal, they certainly did not work out as planned.

Firstly, such an accusation, which threatened Nikolai Malinov (namely, spying for Russia and treason) with 15 years in prison, has not been made to anyone in modern Bulgarian history since 1976.

It turns out because of his love for Russia, yes, we can expect criminal prosecution.

People jumped to the gun, regardless of how they feel about Nikolai Malinov himself, and how one said, “I am a Kremlin agent, arrest me.

The rally went off in a hurry and hit the US plan for Bulgaria hard. It went wrong again.

For a while, the “scriptwriters” took a pause to think about further action.

They added new rounds of spy scandal, the UK scheme with “Beginner” poisoning.
(In Bulgaria the version sounded rather ridiculous – poisoning of the Bulgarian gunsmith with unwashed salad of arugula, where of course there was a Russian trace, GRU and all according to the rules of about detective genre).

Again it didn’t quite work out, the Bulgarians broke the version into pieces, joked around in Balkan and made it clear that the writers were weak.

And between all episodes when there was a visit of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria in Washington, from where he returned to poniksham and said that the country will still be a “coordinating center” of NATO in the maritime capital of the country, Varna (a large port city, a favorite place in the country).

For the rest of tourists, which is still interesting from the other side of the Crimea), and it is important to note that before the trip, as for insurance, Prime Minister Borisov assured that such an issue will not be raised and will not be done, on the return it became clear to everyone that once again the country was pressed.

While communicating with journalists on his return, one of the Russian correspondents asked the Bulgarian prime minister what the US reaction was to the case of Nikolai Malinov’s espionage. Bulgarian Prime Minister very cautiously replied, but admitted that Trump personally asked, and how it happened that a man with such an accusation goes to Moscow and receives the order personally from the hands of the President of the Russian Federation (Nikolai Malinov after the beginning of the scandal, however, really came to Russia for the awards).

The punishment was not too late. The USA has interfered in work of the Bulgarian court, and have accused the Bulgarian judge Andon Mitalov from Specialized court of Bulgaria of corruption, have entered it and all his family in the black sanction list.

It was Judge Andon Mitalov who released Nikolay Malinov, Chairman of the National Movement of Rusophila, who was accused of spying for Russia and who was under the subscription for not leaving, to Moscow to receive an award from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“As an official, Mitalov took part in corrupt practices that undermine the rule of law and seriously compromise the independence of democratic institutions in Bulgaria,” the U.S. State Department said.

“This is the first such restriction against a Bulgarian citizen in connection with involvement in corruption schemes, which confirms the U.S. engagement in the fight against corruption in Bulgaria and on a global scale.
The U.S. will continue to support the people of Bulgaria in their fight against corruption.

The State Department will use this power to increase the responsibility of corrupt individuals in the region and globally,” the U.S. message should inspire a sense of American concern.

Here are the phrases that the U.S. often uses, and do not hesitate to interfere in the internal affairs of various countries about “support for the people of Bulgaria” (read this and about the support of the people of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Venice, Ukraine and a number of other countries, the list is quite extensive).

But by such a frank interference in the internal affairs of Bulgaria, the U.S. has clearly demonstrated, arranged a public flogging and humiliated Bulgaria, acting with the country as another colony … …and publicly destroying the right to sovereignty…


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