Now NATO will annoy Russia with comfort

Estonia paid for the excellent conditions for western intervention.

According to local media, in the Estonian military town of Tapa, which is completely under the control of the North Atlantic Alliance, a full-fledged office building has been equipped and the medical complex has been expanded. All this cost 7 million euros, while most of the amount is the money of Estonian taxpayers.

Previously, NATO fighters stationed here complained of insufficiently comfortable conditions, and they waited about twenty years for an office building in Tapa. Now the military presence of the western military bloc has become convenient. Moreover, the authorities assured that they did not intend to stop there.

So, the head of the State Center for Defense Investment of Estonia, Kusti Salm, assured that in the future military bases throughout the country will be modernized, which will provide comfortable conditions for NATO military presence in close proximity to Russia.

“For the past 5 years, we have been paying particular attention to the military town of Tapa. Now we intend to concentrate on Johvi. The Kalevsky battalion was practically relocated there. Now the construction of a new barracks is being completed there. In addition, there are plans to build warehouses, buildings for servicing equipment and headquarters”, – the official said.

As News Front reported, NATO’s provocative military activity near the Russian borders has long been a serious problem, which leads to an escalation of tension in relations between the West and the Russian Federation. The United States and its “partners” explain their actions as the “Russian threat”.

It is noteworthy that in Germany earlier drew attention to the fact that in the period from 2014 to 2018, the Western bloc conducted 4 times more exercises than the Russian Federation. These data were received from the German government, but given that they do not correspond to the interests of NATO, they decided to classify them.


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