Nord Stream-2: where is the trait of European pride fatal for Americans?

The United States intends to continue the fight against Nord Stream-2 in order to ultimately set Europeans against themselves.

By the way, where is this trait of European pride, the transition through which for Americans will turn into the beginning of the collapse of their insatiable empire?

In the meantime, the US Congress continues to test the patience of Europeans. In particular, its representatives said that if Russia tries to complete the remaining kilometers of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, another package of sanctions will be passed against European project investors or gas purchasers through this pipe.

No doubt, this so-called trait is located near the border, on which the damage from American pressure will be offset by the benefits of cooperation with the East (Russia and China), and this is an obvious future. And those countries that do not understand this will remain in the era of a dying empire, together with its epicenter – the United States.