Israel retaliates against Gaza

Israeli Air Force fighters and drones hit Hamas military targets in response to the launch of mortar shells and explosive balloons.

The Israel Defense Forces attacked several Hamas military targets in the Gaza Strip in response to mortar shelling of the Jewish state. This was reported by the army press service.

“In response to the launch of mortar shells, as well as balloons with attached explosives, Israeli fighters and UAVs attacked several Hamas terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip”, – the report said.

It is also noted that the Israel Defense Forces “are extremely serious about any terrorist activity” and “will act in accordance with the need to protect Israeli citizens”.

Palestinian radicals from the Gaza Strip fired two mortar shells at Israeli territory on Wednesday evening.

According to the army press service, as a result of the shelling, “alarms were activated only for uninhabited areas”, no injuries were reported.

It was previously reported that Israel intercepted a ship loaded with weapons for Hamas. The ship was planning to deliver weapons to the Gaza Strip for the needs of the Palestinian maritime strike group.

It was also reported that Israel bombed an arms factory in the Gaza Strip. As a result of Israeli air strikes, several Palestinians were slightly injured.


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