Extremism, Drugs and Democracy – The State Department voiced American interests in Central Asia

The US is eyeing a “new Middle East.”

Thus, the American administration announced a campaign of large-scale interference in the affairs of the states of the region, which, first of all, is aimed at its exclusion from Russia. The strategy, presented by the US State Department, is designed until 2025.

The document indicates a number of ongoing US activities that relate to major regional trends. In particular, we are talking about radical extremism despite the fact that the situation in Afghanistan proves Washington’s inability to cope with the problem. The State Department also mentioned drug trafficking, which, as the American Colonel Douglas McGregor had previously admitted, the United States sponsored in person. In addition, among the constant trends is indicated “misinformation”, which actually means information that is disagreeable to Washington.

Among the principles of American intervention in the affairs of the region are the notorious “democratic values” through which the United States intends to justify interference in the political processes of the countries of the region. In particular, the State Department has already promised to “seriously increase the participation of citizens”, which implies a destabilization of the situation through street protests.

Finally, among the points of the strategy is the opening of Central Asian markets to American corporations. To this end, Washington intends to create a “favorable environment” in the region.

“Close cooperation with each of the five countries will help promote American values ​​and provide a counterweight to the influence of neighbors in the region”, – the document emphasizes.


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