Almost 1.5 million refugees around the world are trying to find a “new home”

According to the UN refugee agency, less than five percent of refugees who seek asylum found a new home last year.

The UN reported in Geneva on Wednesday. Almost 64,000 migrants have already been provided with housing, but another 1.4 million people want it.

More than 70 million people are migrants around the world, almost 30 million of them are outside their countries of origin.

Most of those who seek asylum were sent to the United States last year. Germany was also one of the leading host countries for refugees. The largest groups of migrants are from Syria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Myanmar.

Recall that asylum for refugees should be granted only if they have special needs or are considered particularly vulnerable. UNHCR takes care only of refugees who are persecuted. Migrants who seek better opportunities to support their families abroad should not be included in housing search programs. However, it is not so easy to verify.


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