A resounding victory: success in the election campaign or a new threat to the unity of the American society?

The most successful week in the leadership history of Donald Trump brought him victory in the trial of the President’s impeachment.

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Donald Trump, Sauli Niinisto. President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto in the Oval Office of the White House, in Washington
Trump, Washington, USA – 02 Oct 2019

Republican colleagues, whose majority of votes allowed the Senate to acquit Trump on two articles of the impeachment approved by the House of Representatives under the leadership of the Democrats on December 18, came to the aid of the American leader. Thus, to the great regret of the Democrats, the judicial prosecution of the President with attempts to remove him from office, the third in the history of the United States, has failed.

Trump is acquitted on both counts of power abuse and the obstruction of Congress. It is interesting to note that the Republican Mitt Romney became the first senator in the US history to vote in the impeachment proceedings to convict a member of his own party. However, his voice did not become decisive, and Trump, in the style of his best traditions, in his official Twitter account condemned the actions of his former colleague, calling him a hypocrite.

The Republicans, who retained Trump’s presidency and increased his chances of joining the second term, called the decision of the Democrats to continue the impeachment process “the worst miscalculation in the history of the American politics”, and the President himself accused the “left-wing Democratic radicals” of abusing their power. In turn, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, who has lately torn up the text of Trump’s speech in Congress, declared him a “threat to American democracy”, also condemning the Republicans for betraying the US Constitution. Obviously, the polarization, growing in the political system of the United States for many years, continues to increase. The competition between the ruling parties in the state is so strong that it keeps society on the verge of an unspoken civil war.

On the other hand, it is likely that a failed impeachment will provoke the opposite effect, which will advantageously play into the hands of the American President. The Democratic Party was unable to convince either the Senate or the Americans themselves that Trump was guilty and that he had to be removed from office. Moreover, impeachment gave a good financial result for the presidential campaign. It is possible that before the elections in November 2020, Trump will be repeatedly involved in information attacks, again connected with Russia or Ukraine, but now he is confidently making a request to stay for the second term.

In an interview with News Front correspondents, a similar opinion was expressed by the Italian political expert Tiberio Graziani. When asked about how the fact of Trump’s justification will affect his upcoming election campaign, the political scientist answered as follows:

“It is certainly a victory of the current US President; a victory of one of the many battles that are different from the war between Trump and the “deep state” that started from the years 2015-2016. If Trump has certainly strengthened his power by this last and insidious impeachment affaire, the road towards the reconfirmation of his presidency is not discounted. Most likely, Democrats will be remedied and will have more articulated and aggressive strategies in the course of the election campaign. It worth to remember that during the story of this impeachment, the US President, also with the purpose of weakening his democrate opponents’ front, has in a way softened some of his previous positions, for example, in the case of Chinese-American relations. Meanwhile, the converse effect has strengthened the ties between the US and the environments of the European and Israeli right, characterizing Trump’s ideological political horizon in terms of the re-thinking of the “NeoConservative” thought. To make a more objective analysis related to the reconfirming of Mr. Trump at the White House, we need to wait for the moves that democrats will put in the field in the very next weeks. Only then, the picture will be defined with greater sharpness”.

The loud scandal and the failed impeachment played a big role not so much in determining the future fate of Trump, but in strengthening the split within the American social system. And the point here is not that Republicans and Democrats do not shake hands before speaking in Congress, or tear texts with the speech of their competitors. The problem is that it is not yet possible to reach a consensus in the context of the existing American realities.


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