Truck with migrants crashed: one person died, 84 were injured – Mexico

A truck carrying 200 migrants crashed in eastern Mexico. The immigration agency reported that on Tuesday in Veracruz, more than 500 kilometers east of the capital of Mexico City, a car crammed with illegal immigrants rolled over.

A 23-year-old man from Guatemala died. At least 84 people were injured and taken to nearby hospitals. The driver reportedly lost control of the truck on a winding road between Santiago Tustla and San Andres Tustla.

Thus, unregistered migrants arrived from Central America – Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. They literally crammed a truck and the migrants were severely dehydrated. The truck driver fled from the scene of the accident.

Mexico is a transit country for hundreds of thousands of migrants who every year try to get to the United States in order to avoid poverty and violence in their countries. Last year, some 850,000 unregistered migrants and asylum seekers were arrested on the US border. Tens of thousands of people were deported from Mexico.