The Chinese embassy saw a step against Beijing on Pompeo’s Eurasian tour

Chinese embassy in Tashkent considers U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo’s Eurasian tour as an attempt to incite China.

Pompeo visited Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan from January 29 to February 4.

“Pompeo’s tour of the Eurasian countries was full of malicious incitement and slander, fully exposing his personal animosity and prejudice against China”, –  the diplomatic mission’s website said.

At a joint press conference with his Uzbek counterpart Abdulaziz Kamilov in Tashkent February 3, Pompeo said he intends to discuss China’s internal affairs with Central Asian foreign ministers, the embassy said. “Pompeo has once again proved in practice that he really is the instigator of problems in the world”, –  the embassy said.

“Regardless of whether this topic was discussed or not, we are confident that all parties share with us an extreme disgust with Pompeo’s behavior and blackmail”, – the report says.
The Chinese diplomatic mission added that “any attempts to slander China and sow discord in the friendly relations between China and Central Asian states are doomed to defeat”.


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