Putin assessed Russia’s relations with Sweden, Ireland and Serbia

Russia is interested in developing cooperation with Sweden in the spirit of mutual respect, seeks closer trade and economic cooperation with Ireland and is connected with Serbia by strategic partnership based on traditions of friendship and cultural and spiritual closeness of peoples, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We are interested in developing cooperation with Sweden in the spirit of good neighborliness and mutual respect. Last year’s talks with Prime Minister Stefan Løven in St Petersburg confirmed that our countries have opportunities to intensify contacts on economic and cultural-humanitarian tracks, to work together on the Baltic Sea and other regional issues”, –  Putin told the ambassadors at the ceremony of presenting credentials.

Russia and Ireland, as Putin noted, are seeking closer trade and economic cooperation, including in high technology and innovation, as well as agriculture. There are opportunities for bilateral cooperation in education, culture and other humanitarian spheres.

“Russia and Serbia have a strategic partnership, which is based on the traditions of friendship, cultural, spiritual and historical closeness of our brotherly peoples. Last December, substantial negotiations were held in Sochi with President Alexander Vucic. A number of significant agreements have been reached concerning the development of Russian-Serbian interaction on a whole range of issues: economy, trade, energy, culture, coordination on regional issues. Russia is doing a lot for the situation in the Balkans to remain stable and secure”, –  Putin said.


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