Kosovo official position: Serbia should be left with nothing

The benefits for Belgrade are beyond the interests of Pristina and its patrons. Such a statement was made by the newly-minted head of the Kosovo “government”, Albin Kurti, in a commentary on RTK.

Kosovo official position: Serbia should be left with nothing

According to him, the self-proclaimed “republic” is even ready to sacrifice the prospect of resolving the crisis, if only to leave Serbia with nothing. So, Kurti criticized the position of Belgrade, according to which Serbia should also get something in return for recognizing the independence of the Balkan quasi-state.

“The position of Serbian President Vučić, according to which the Serbs also owe something from Kosovo, should not be the starting point in resolving the situation. Thus, we will not find a way out, but we can find the context necessary for the solution with the assistance of Western countries, ”he said.

The situation has already been commented in Belgrade. So, the head of the Chancellery for Kosovo and Metohija, Marco Djurić, pointed out that Pristina needs only “surrender of Serbia”, but this will not happen.

“In his own words, he [Kurti] shows that he does not need an agreement with Belgrade. He does not need real negotiations. He only wants the shameful surrender of Serbia, ”said the Belgrade politician, adding that the position of Western patrons of Pristina is actually hidden behind the position of Kosovo.

As News Front reported, previously in Kosovo Serbia was threatened with a new armed conflict if Belgrade does not recognize the quasi-state “within its current borders”.


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