How Trump broke tradition by speaking to Congress

During the speech of U.S. President Donald Trump before Congress on the evening of February 4, several ambiguous situations arose, in particular, the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ripped several papers on the table, which previously contained the text of the speech of the American leader.

This was reported by RIA Novosti.

The president’s speech about the situation in the country before senators and members of the House of Representatives is a traditional procedure. It is important to observe a number of measures taken by the head of state and legislators at the event.

Thus, following one of them, the president passes the text of his speech before the speech to the U.S. Vice President, who is ex officio chairman of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives. Usually the process is accompanied by a handshake, for example, this was the case a year ago.

Trump did not change the tradition and gave the folders of his speech to Vice President Mike Penns and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. After receiving the file, Pelosi seemed to have reached out for a handshake, but the American leader turned his back and took up space for his speech. Pelosi then began to smile nervously. However, her gesture could also be seen as an invitation to take the stand.

Trump did not shake hands with Penns and Pelosi, but headed straight for the exit, shaking hands with his fellow party members on the way. At this time Pelosi ripped up some papers on the table, which previously contained the text of the president’s speech.

In turn, Pence did not follow the example of the American leader and shook Pelosi’s hand.
Journalists also noticed that usually the Speaker of the House before the speech of the Head of State presents it to the members of Congress with the words: “It is a great honor for me to represent the President of the United States …”.
But this time Pelosi limited herself to “Members of Congress, President of the United States!” Then the Republicans in the room started chanting “Four more years!”, implying Trump’s re-election in November, because otherwise another president would be speaking to Congress.

Commenting on her behaviour, Pelosi shared that “it was polite of her, given the alternatives” she had with Trump.
“It was a lousy speech,” she commented to journalists, describing Trump’s speech.
It is also important to highlight the fact that Trump’s speech took place against the backdrop of the impeachment announced to him by the Democrats of the House of Representatives headed by Pelosi.
A final vote is scheduled for Wednesday in the Senate, which will decide whether or not lawmakers will find the President guilty. Some suggest that Trump awaits an acquittal.

The current leader became the third US president in history to be impeached. According to the Democrats, Trump was detaining the military assistance to Ukraine approved by Congress, demanding in return from President Vladimir Zelensky the political service in the form of an investigation against his opponent Joe Biden. Thus, the American leader exceeded his authority and later even prevented Congress from investigating, as reported in the impeachment resolution. Trump explained that he demanded from the Ukrainian authorities only to fight corruption.


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