“Zarabites” have transferred more money to Ukraine than the IMF

Labor migrants are again saving the Ukrainian economy.

"Zarabites" have transferred more money to Ukraine than the IMF

This is evidenced by the data of the National Bank of the country, which is provided by the Public Television.

Thus, in 2019, the Ukrainians who escaped to work abroad transferred to their homeland about $ 12 billion. As noted in the state regulator, this factor has become a determining factor in the Ukrainian currency market throughout the year. It also made it possible to reduce the exchange rate of foreign currencies. Only in December, the dollar rate in Ukraine fell to 23.2 hryvnia, although since the beginning of the new year it began to grow.

It should be noted that the new credit program of the International Monetary Fund for 3 years implies the provision of 5.5 billion dollars to Ukraine. At the same time, Vladimir Zelensky tellingly called the goals of the new program “acceleration of economic growth” and “improving the welfare of every Ukrainian”.

The previous IMF program was to provide Ukraine with 3.9 billion dollars. They were to be transferred to Kyiv in three tranches. The first one came right after the agreement was signed. The second tranche was expected in May last year, but it was never received.

Earlier, Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers Minister Dmytro Dubilet said that over the past decade about 4 million citizens who preferred to work abroad left the country.


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