The fight against migration continues: the Aegean islands will receive “floating protection systems”.

In view of the ever-increasing number of “refugees” infiltrating the EU through the Greek Aegean Islands, Athens is looking for new ways to protect itself against illegal migrants.

The Greek government now wants to create “floating protection systems” in the waters around the most affected islands – Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Leros and Kos. The Ministry of Defense has issued a tender for the installation of water shut-off mechanisms for use in emergency situations against illegal migrants.

According to sources, these are “barriers or networks” almost three kilometers long, which are to be installed by the Greek armed forces. The systems should protrude half a metre from the water and be equipped with blinkers. The estimated total cost of the project is half a million euros, according to a tender.

Due to the constant flow of “refugees”, about 42,000 migrants are in fully overcrowded camps in the Aegean Islands, according to data as of the end of December.