Former Bolivian Head of State Morales is registered as a candidate for the Senate

Former president of Bolivia Evo Morales was registered on Monday as a candidate for the Senate from the Department of Cochabamba in the May elections, said the leader of the ex-president party “Movement for Socialism” (MAS).

“Our brother President Evo Morales is listed on the official lists of the Cochabamba Department as the first candidate for the Senate”, –  said Leonardo Losa, MAS member.

Earlier, Morales reported about the detention of his representative, who was engaged in procedures necessary for his election to parliament. The former president of Bolivia also said that all his documents, including the military book, had been stolen.

However, Losa specified that the registration of the former President as a candidate had been done “in accordance with all legal requirements”.

After the opposition, led by Carlos Mesa, claimed massive irregularities in the October 20 elections, Morales resigned as president and left the country under pressure from the military. He was followed by the resignation of the entire Bolivian top leadership and the transfer of power to the opposition Deputy Speaker of the Senate, Janine Agnès.

The authorities announced the holding of new elections. Morales was not allowed to run as a candidate, he was in Argentina, from where he led the presidential campaign of his Movement for Socialism. The Bolivian Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) has scheduled general elections for May 3.


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