Evo Morales’ lawyer has requested asylum at the embassy of Argentina in La Paz

Wilfredo Chavez reported that ” the government de facto tried to detain him.”

Evo Morales' lawyer has requested asylum at the embassy of Argentina in La Paz

Lawyer Wilfred Chavez, who was authorized to file for former Bolivian President Evo Morales the documents for his registration as a candidate member of parliament, sought asylum at the Embassy of Argentina in La Paz. This was reported by the former head of state himself on Monday.

“At present, Wilfredo Chavez is safe in the territory belonging to the Embassy of Argentina”, –  Morales said on Kawsachun Coca radio station.

In his Twitter feed, Wilfred Chavez wrote that “in the morning the de facto government tried to detain him”. “They wanted to prevent me from registering candidates for the Movement for Socialism party,” he added. The lawyer noted that he had not received any notification of the beginning of the investigation against him.

January 31, an assistant to former president Patricia Hermosa, also authorized to submit documents for his nomination, was detained on suspicion of calls for rebellion and terrorism. According to Morales, law enforcement agencies seized his documents from her, which included an identity card, birth certificate and military service certificate.

Previously, the former president, who was granted asylum in Argentina, in an interview with Radio Destape, confirmed that he is considering the possibility of becoming a member of Parliament, but the head of the Bolivian Interior Ministry, Arturo Murillo, said in turn, that the interim government will challenge the nomination of Morales if he applies for registration as a candidate. In his homeland, the former president is subject to an arrest warrant in the case of calls for mutiny.


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