Europe’s enthusiasm will be expensive for independent Britain

The European Union supported a split of the United Kingdom.

The former head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, made a loud statement. According to him, Brussels “enthusiastically” will support the likely collapse of Britain and will accept the already independent Scotland into the European Union.

Tusk stressed that he did not consider his words an interference in the internal disputes of the kingdom, which did not prevent him from immediately noting that for the membership of Scotland in the EU it will be necessary only to observe bureaucratic formalities.

According to The Times, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab harshly criticized Tusk’s statement. The diplomat stressed that such words entail the threat of growing separatist sentiment in the European Union, in particular, in Spain, Italy or France.

However, in Scotland, the statement of a well-known European politician was seen as a demonstration of support. Against this background, the representative of the Scottish National Party, Elin Smith, pointed out the urgent need to hold a second referendum on independence, so that the Scots would determine their own path “without looking back at Westminster.

It is also worth noting that for the first time in five years, the public opinion of the majority of the Scots coincided with the position of the Scottish National Party. Thus, the results of a survey conducted by YouGov on the eve of Brexit, showed that 51 percent of Scots support independence.


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