Deal with the USA – a nail in a coffin for Polish aviation: what is hidden behind the purchase of the F-35

Warsaw insists on being an amateur for the benefit of the United States.

This conclusion was reached by a member of the Polish parliament, Ioanna Kluzik-Rostkowska. She studied the authorities’ decision to purchase 32 fifth-generation F-35A fighters for $4.6 billion from the US. As it turned out, the purchase will not have the best impact on the entire military aviation of the country, which does not stop Warsaw. In this regard, the MP sent a letter to the Ministry of Defence with thirteen questions about the sad state of the Polish Air Force.

Kluzik-Rostkowska believes that the acquisition of the F-35 is only an indicative gesture for the media to cover up the terrible state of the military aviation. Thus, the country is armed with Soviet MiG-29 and American F-16s, whose age together with lack of spare parts makes them not only useless but also dangerous. Thus, last year there was already a series of accidents with MiG-29 due to failures.

In addition, the deputy emphasizes that only 37% of F-16s can go up in the air today. American fighter planes Polish aviators nicknamed cannibals. As there are no spare parts for them, the parts are removed from other planes.

However, instead of investing in repair of already existing combat vehicles, Warsaw announces the purchase of new ones. Moreover, Kluzik-Rostkowska expressed concern about the way the deal was concluded.

“First, Defense Minister [Mariusz] Blazczak announces the purchase and then starts the negotiation process. Obviously, with this he weakened the negotiating position, because everything was turned backwards. First of all there should be an analysis, then – a secret meeting of the national defense committee, then – negotiations, and the announcement of the purchase – at the very end,” she explains.

According to her, this decision hides a desperate attempt to “media cover” the disastrous situation of the Polish Air Force.

“Being aware of the problem with MiG-29 and F-16 planes, Minister Blaschak preferred to cover up with the media buying new fighters instead of repairing ours”, –  stated the parliamentarian.