Ukrainian atom has not been peaceful for a long time – Kiev leads the world to a nuclear disaster

Unfortunately for the planet, Kiev learned the lessons of Chernobyl poorly.

This was told by the co-founder of the Ukrainian Renewable Energy Association Igor Tynny. His words are quoted by the Observer.

Revealing the gloomy realities of Ukrainian nuclear energy, the expert acknowledged that Kiev does not finance the modernization and maintenance of local nuclear power units, and the reactors are becoming increasingly worn out. According to the expert, the country’s authorities are simply watching how the situation is rapidly moving towards a repeat of the Chernobyl disaster, which is a threat not only to Ukraine, but the whole world.

“We will not be able to survive without nuclear energy in the next thirty years. But we are, perhaps, the country that suffered most than others [from the Chernobyl accident]. Only this does not prevent us from being so careless about nuclear safety”, – Tynny notes.

The practice of extending the life of nuclear power units on paper is the most popular solution to problems in Ukraine. However, the expert emphasizes, old reactors must be decommissioned, and it is better to do this before they explode.

“Ukraine will not be able to survive the new Chernobyl”, – Tynny stated.

As News Front previously reported, in August last year, a turbine generator exploded due to the negligence of employees at the Khmelnitsky Nuclear Power Plant. However, the situation was aggravated by further actions by the leadership of the nuclear power plant, which could lead to the nuclear reactor getting out of control.


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