Iraq is protesting against the appointment of a new Prime Minister

Hundreds of people took part in protests in Iraq over the appointment of a new prime minister of the country, reports Sunday news agency Associated Press.

Protests, which were attended by students, were held in central squares of Baghdad, as well as in southern Iraq.

Iraqi President Bamrham Saleh on Saturday appointed Mohammed Aliawi, who previously served as Minister of Communications, as the head of government.

His appointment was the result of an agreement between the warring parties in the country’s leadership, AP said. At the same time, demonstrators have repeatedly stated that they will not accept the presidential candidate chosen by Iraq’s ruling apex.

Protests in Iraq have been taking place since last October. Protesters initially demanded from the authorities to pay attention to youth unemployment and corruption, then there were demands to change the current political system. As a result of protests, Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi resigned in November.


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