In Montenegro, the most massive procession in defense of the Serbian Church is taking place

In Podgorica, the most massive procession and prayer in defense of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) against the law on religious associations in Montenegro is held so far, the Serbian clergy reported.

On Sunday, mass processions and prayers are held in Montenegro to defend the Serbian Orthodox Church from the December law on religious associations, which threatens its property. The largest gathering took place in front of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Podgorica, where Montenegrin “tribes” (clan unions) walked during the day with flags and crosses from the surrounding areas. All the plateaus in front of the largest temple in the country and around it were filled with people.

“This is the largest gathering so far, this temple does not remember more”, – Archpriest Predrag Shchepanovich told the audience.

“The march through the streets should pass peacefully and with dignity. We should be ready for any provocations, we will walk through the center of the city”,  –  he said.