Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization comments on new US sanctions

The US sanctions against the head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization (OAEI) Ali Akbar Salehi constitute restrictions on international negotiations, the OAEI said in a statement.

Iran's Atomic Energy Organization comments on new US sanctions

“The sanctions imposed against Salehi and (Iranian Foreign Minister) Zarif are like sanctions against international negotiations and scientific development”, – the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization wrote on Twitter, providing the post with the hashtag “an inappropriate step”.

The United States previously expanded sanctions against Iran by introducing restrictive measures against Salehi and the organization itself. Now their assets in the United States, according to general rules, are frozen. In addition, any transactions with third parties with them are subject to secondary sanctions.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry condemned these measures and emphasized that they would not affect the development of the nuclear program.

In addition, last year, U.S. authorities added Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to the sanctions list, because they did not consider him the priority contact that he had during the negotiations on a nuclear deal, from which Washington withdrew in May 2018.


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